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Control Panel Box

The control panel box is a preliminary option for when a dedicated wire is needed or chosen. 

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Make sure you follow the needed specifications by clicking on the Learn More button below the power box on the right. Make sure you follow the specific manufacture guides for the Control Box option. This will help you during the initial construction and placement of your motorized control box.

*We highly recommend that all of the low voltage wiring is run to each window before installing finished products such as drywall, trims, and Mouldings are installed. This creates a hidden clean connection to your new motorized window treatments!

We provide direction in how to run your standard 120v wiring and low voltage wiring for the setting up of the power control panel box. The power control box controls the low voltage wiring that is run to each window based on the sequence of wire punching into the motherboard controller.


We install the control box, punch all of the low voltage wiring, wire the low voltage wiring to the shades, then test and program each shade or blind to the proper specifications. 

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